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(Dear customer: please provide following information and  rate us to improve the services)



Name of the participant:


TELNO :                             

 ADDRESS :                        


Q1)   Since how long have you been using the BB CONNECTION OF BSNL    ?

   More than 6 months  More than 1 year   More than 2 yea More than 5 year Others

 Q2)   Rate the WORKING  style of our product ?

Impressive   Good   Average 

Q3)   How did you reach us to buy this product?

Visited nearly located CSC  >From an authorized dealer Through sales associate of BSNL Others

Q4)   According to you, what is the current scope of our product in the market?

       Excellent  Very Good     Good     Average     Poor

Q5)   Mention a few changes which you think we should undergo to make our product leading in the market?

Q6)    Do you know that the local/STD calls for your landline to any landline across the country is

         much cheaper? (Rs 1/-  for 2 minutes.)

Yes     No

Q7)     Please mention the features that you liked best about the product:

 Unlimited Download    Speed     Combo Offer     Affordable Tariff     All

Q8)    Is your current Broadband speed adequately meeting your current business/ Home needs?

  Yes       No

Q9)   Do you plan to switch over to other unlimited combo plans with higher speed in future?

  Yes       No

Q10) If yes , please suggest the speed you would like?

  2Mbps    4Mbps    8Mbps    16Mbps & above

Q11) Please state the make and model of your existing modem?

 Q12) please specify the occasions of fault due to BB modem:

  No Fault    Occasionally    Rarely    Frequently

Q13)  Whether CPE ( BB Modem) working with you is

  Rental Modem       Own Modem

Q14) Kindly state the methodology of complaint reporting mechanism

  Through Telephone  Email   SMS

Q15) Please specify the time taken by BSNL for redressal of grievance

  Less than 24 hrs    1 day  2 days     more than 3 days

Q16) Please specify the maximum duration for which  the  BB service was unavailable?

  2 to 8 hrs    More than 8 hrs    More than 24 hrs    More than 2 days

Q17) Please specify your expectations for minimum time expected to clear the fault :


       Your suggestions:

Q18) Kindly specify your usage of BB service:

  Mail    Heavy Audio/Video downloads    Skype  Uploads

Q19) Kindly specify your average  duration  of BB service usage:

  Less than 3 hrs daily   3 to 5 daily   More than 5 hrs

Q20)  Is there any comment you may want to make about the quality or importance of your current internet connection